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Another Bloomin’ Century

Akron in the morning

Another weekend, another bloomin’ century… In this case, my third Akron Bicycle Club’s Absolutely Beautiful Country Ride, in the neighboring state of Ohio.

Akron in the morning

An early morning ride

River Styx Cemetery

Sunday morning I was on the road shortly after 4am, piloting Inna’s mom’s car. After unloading in the Copley High School parking lot, I was in the saddle 15 minutes before the official 7am start.

Continuing my string of good luck with this year’s major events, the weather was ideal: a blissful 72° after a cold front passed through overnight, leaving high, broken cloud cover that gradually burned off, but kept temperatures from getting higher than the mid-80s.

I stopped briefly at the semi-official donut stop a mere 11 miles in, then rolled on, not se »more

State Machine

God approves of these cyclists' endeavor

As well as the last day of Q2, Sunday was my fifth century ride over that three month period: PMTCC’s McDermott 3-State Tour.

This was my third annual “M3ST”, having completed it in blistering heat in 2016, repeated in 2017, and skipped it last year due to lack of both fitness and motivation.

God approves of these cyclists' endeavor

Sunny Day on the Ohio River

Point of Beginning? 57 miles in?

In addition to moving the ride a month earlier, the organizers also changed the route this year. Riders started and finished on Neville Island, which (mostly) eliminated the need for riding on dangerous Route 51. It began with a hilly 25-mile detour into the Sewickley hills, took a slightly different route to the West Virginia line, a new rolling inland segment from Ohio to Beaver, a »more