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PMC Day 1 start: Now there's a ride banner I can get behind! PMC Day 1: Leading out the first ever Zwift PMC celebration ride! On the real PMC, my arms get tired from waving at all the supporters lining the route. I miss them!!! PMC Day 1 Epilogue: Not quite the Cape Cod Canal at sunset, but I'll take it! PMC Day 2: Looks a bit more Oregon than Massachusetts... PMC Day 2 Finish: Is this Provincetown? Thursday evening PMC group ride Thursday evening warmup before the PMC Weekend's main event! Watching Friday evening opening ceremonies


2020 PMC Jersey PMC Greetings from Pittsburgh

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Moonlight on the Volcano

The Akron Bicycle Club’s Absolutely Beautiful Country ride is the first major ride of 2020 that was neither cancelled, postponed, or virtualized. They asked people to register (for free) and supplied cue sheets, but provided no formal ride time, no route markings, no support vehicles, and no water stops. Basically, it was a completely unsupported ride along a published route, kind of like a brevet.

Although I’ve enjoyed riding it for the past three years, there was no way I was going to drive two hours to Akron and two hours back just to do an unsupported century, when 40 miles is the longest unsupported outdoor ride I’ve done at home (mostly due to concerns about stopping at convenience stores to refuel). In the middle of a global pandemic, it’s just not worth the added risk.

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Right Turn, Not Left! Moonlight on the Volcano


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