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This August I will participate in my 17th Pan-Mass Challenge—my third as a remote rider—cycling 190 miles in two days to raise money for the Jimmy Fund and lifesaving cancer research, treatment, and prevention at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

This year my ride will include participating in the Western PA Bike Club's "Rough Diamond Century" ride, which takes place on August 6th, the same day most PMC'ers will be riding 110 miles from Sturbridge to Bourne.

Please take a moment now to help me reach my goal of raising $4,000 in 2022. Thank you so much!

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Duo Me

I eat a lot.

With the help of the Duolingo app, I’ve been learning Japanese since December. Inspired by my example, Inna began refreshing her Hebrew in March.

So we’ve had a little time to hear one another’s practice as well as compare notes on what we’re being taught. And the results are more than a little bit interesting.

To amuse my captain, I’ve included a few screen shots of the everyday phrases we’re learning. Let’s start with my newly-acquired Japanese language skills:


And now let’s compare my Japanese phrases to the vocabulary that Inna is picking up in Hebrew:


I’m sure no further elaboration is necessary.


Bunola: Corn Goodness!

Ornoth and the Allegheny River and Pittsburgh skyline

Whether I’d ever ride another century has been in question since the chest pains I had back in January. Since then, I’ve slowly increased the distances I’ve been doing, and on Tuesday completed my first 100-mile ride in eight months.

Right after my last update in April, I spent eight days in Austin, but was disappointed that I never got to do any cycling down there (full trip report here). I’ve been ramping up since then, including Team Decaf group rides every Tuesday, doing some weekend rides with my buddy Ben, and knocking out a couple 100ks.

But that really didn’t answer my health concerns, nor help me decide whether to commit to upcoming major events or even another remote Pan-Mass Challenge this year. With these questions gaining urgency, it was time to put myself to the test with »more


R2-Di2 at Mon Wharf with river tug hauling coal barges beneath the Fort Pitt Bridge Ornoth and the Ohio River with Pittsburgh's skyline Ornoth and the Allegheny River and Pittsburgh skyline Ornoth riding in Highland Park

The Fix Is In

ActivityFix banner

If you log your rides to Strava and find yourself making the same changes to every Activity, you should know about the free ActivityFix utility.

After you set it up, whenever you upload a new Activity, ActivityFix will automatically make whatever changes you’ve asked it to do.

What can you ask it to do? A ton! Almost any change you can imagine doing by hand to an Activity, except for changing its privacy settings. You can set up Rules to update the Activity Title and Description, Activity Type, Gear (bike) used, Map Type, and more.

You can include dynamic data derived from your Activity itself or set up custom counters. And each Rule can be triggered conditionally based on all kinds of criteria, giving you the ability to program all kinds of really powerful possibilities.

For exampl »more