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A Zwift Kickr in the Pants


When I moved to Pittsburgh in 2015, I didn’t bother bringing my old wheel-on indoor trainer. It was outdated technology, falling apart, and I planned to replace it after the move anyways.

But I was able to do some outdoor riding through the Pittsburgh winter, and I couldn’t bring myself to drop a boatload of cash on a replacement trainer, especially since I’d be moving to still warmer climes sometime soon.

And just like that, three years passed.

What finally spurred me to pull the trigger on a new trainer? And what conditions changed?

First, why invest in a trainer if I still don’t have any income? Well, I’ve had the intention to do so for five years, and I have the money… I just don’t like parting with it. But I know this is something I’ll use a lot.

But will I? Why invest in a tr »more

Berry, Berry Good to Me

Last month, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series.

That’s not something to take lightly. My father lived 71 years and never saw the Sox raise the trophy, despite four futile World Series appearances, as the Curse of the Bambino lasted a dispiriting 86 years. But now we’ve earned four titles in the past 15 years: more 21st century championships than any other team in Major League Baseball.

The timing is a source of amusement for me. With the Series taking place at the end of October, all four of those wins happened within a day or two of my birthday, often a milestone one. This year it coincided with my 55th, and the previous win came while I was celebrating my 50th birthday with a two-week trip to Culebra.

I can’t say I was ever into baseball myself, but I did wind up playing Littl »more

Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dozen Riders

As planned, I didn’t ride, but spent the day photographing this year’s Dirty Dozen race.

This has already been the second-wettest year in Pittsburgh history—with more than a month left to overtake the all-time record!—and race day was commensurately rainy. I was glad not to be riding!

I played leapfrog with the nine separate groups of riders all day, hitting the five toughest hills: Logan (#5), Suffolk (#7), Canton (#9), Boustead (#10), and Eleanor (#12).

I was out from 10am to 5pm, and took about 350 shots. I weeded those down to 67 decent pics that I shared on my Flickr photostream. Then those got culled down to the ten that you see on this page.

When I asked for Inna’s help selecting the keepers, she made an interesting observation. Whereas I’d focused on close-ups to capture the »more

Dirty Dozen Stoppie

Dirty Dozen Stoppie

Rider lifting the rear wheel while descending Logan Street.

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