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Zenturize Me!

Zenturizer main screen

In my previous post, I outlined my plan of using Zwift to mimic real-world rides I had planned but couldn’t ride due to the Coronavirus lockdown. My goal has been to ride the same distance and elevation gain as the actual route.

When my first event came in late April, I somehow had to identify a route on Zwift that would provide me with the same 7,687 feet of climbing over 123.19 miles as the IRL ride. I cobbled together a mash-up of three different routes, but it was a bit off: 8,402 feet of climbing over 125.56 miles! My mileage was good, but I’d done 10 percent more climbing than I needed to!

I knew there was a better way. Someone should write a program that would take stats for all Zwift’s routes and compare that to my target route, then tell me the Zwift route that would allow me »more