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State Change

Happily finding diversity in the Zwift world

This past weekend would have been the PMTCC’s 3-State century.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, they’ve postponed it to September 13th, which I still think is optimistic. And even if they will be able to hold it, that is also the date for the Epic Tour up in Toronto, which would have priority for me (again, in the unlikely event that any of this happens at all).

So between a needed workout and the high likelihood that I won’t ride the make-up date, I set out to replicate last year’s 3-State century on this year’s original date.

It’s really the only big ride I do with PMTCC: the Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club, named in honor of Major Taylor, a record-holding national- and world-champion professional cyclist who was only the second Black man to ever become a world champion in any spo »more


Hey! New Yorker! You lookin' at me? Happily finding diversity in the Zwift world

The Lake Escaped

Pseudo MS Ride Day 1

For the past four years, I’ve ridden the two-day Escape to the Lake MS Ride, which goes from Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park, through rolling Pennsylvania farmland, finally dropping gently to the shore of Lake Erie in at Conneaut Township Park in Ohio. It’s been the first big ride of each summer century season since I moved to Pittsburgh back in 2015.

Of course, it was cancelled this year thanks to the still-prevalent Covid-19 pandemic.

Per my M.O., I chose to do makeup rides on the indoor trainer using Zwift, donning my in-game BikeMS kit and adding the #VirtualBikeMS hashtag to my name. My intention was to cover the same distance and amount of climbing as the actual course.

For Day 1 I consulted my new Zenturizer page to figure out what Zwift route would most closely match last yea »more


Pseudo MS Ride Day 1