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Cycling Awards

I biked in Boston for 15 years, doing over 50 centuries in numerous events. To my recollection, in all that time I only ever received two medals as a result. The first was from the Audax Club Parisien for my first 200k brevet; the other was for the 2015 Cape Cod Challenge MS Ride.

Although I rode 14 consecutive Pan-Mass Challenges, the most I ever got from them was a tiny pin; and that wasn’t for my riding, but for raising over $100,000 for them. Despite repeated mentions in my post-ride feedback, the PMC never gave ribbons or medals to finishers.

My 2016-17 Cycling Awards

I mention this to provide contrast with the two short years that I’ve lived in Pittsburgh, where I’ve received no less than eight medals and ribbons, as shown in the accompanying photo.

A surprising number o »more

Dirty Deeds Done

No cutesy lead-in, just the unadorned fact that I completed Pittsburgh’s legendary, epic, ridiculously evil Dirty Dozen ride. And it was awesome!

This blogpost starts out with the high-level whys and hows, followed by a lot detail about the ride and each of the thirteen hills, and ends with my advice, hints, and tips for anyone considering riding the Dirty Dozen. Along with a chunder of photos and links to numerous videos.

Two riders share a kiss while waiting for a train to pass before climbing Hill 5 (Logan).

Weaving back and forth across Hill 5 (Logan), this rider nearly took me out.

Ornoth descending Hill 6 (Rialto) from the neighborhood of Troy Hill.

Video of Ornoth (around 0:16) rolling up Hill 6 (Rialto).

Two riders hit the deck and two others are stoppe »more

Dirty Dozen: FALL RISK

Dirty Dozen: FALL RISK

The hospital "fall risk" wristband that hung from my saddle during Pittsburgh's 2017 Dirty Dozen ride.

Dirty Dozen: Flowers

Dirty Dozen: Flowers

My shadow appears to be more eager to climb Tesla than I am, during Pittsburgh's 2017 Dirty Dozen ride.

Dirty Dozen: Train Kisses

Dirty Dozen: Train Kisses

Two riders share a kiss coming out of the Millvale rest stop and waiting for a train to pass during Pittsburgh's 2017 Dirty Dozen ride.