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Master Escapologist

Climbing out of Conneautville

Last weekend was my fourth Escape to the Lake MS Ride, and fourth century of 2019. It was a beautiful and enjoyable two-day odyssey up to the Lake Erie shore.

Of course, the most pertinent element of my preparation was spending the winter on Zwift, plus the three centuries I’d recently completed.

I also put into practice two lessons gleaned from the Allen & Coggan book “Training + Racing With a Power Meter”. Specifically, doing less pre-ride tapering (because endurance events require fitness more than peak power and freshness), and conserving energy by keeping a steady power output, rather than having big spikes when I attacked hills.

I also transitioned my usual course notes written on tape attached to my top tube, instead using the “Multi Page Race Notes” ConnectIQ app to load them on »more

A Cat's Home...

Bigi's Castle

With a tall pile of empty cardboard boxes after a household shopping spree, I decided to manifest a little creativity.

Bigi's Castle

With box-cutter and duct tape in hand, I sliced up, arranged, and secured a half-dozen large boxes, eventually producing a kitty castle with two grand entrances, a lofty royal hall, two balconies, and a rooftop deck.

Teh fluffeh is still getting used to the idea, but treats keep mysteriously appearing in the upper levels, so I’m sure he’ll take up full residence shortly.

For a virtual tour, see below…